Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Once again the PhD is so like a developing baby. When my boys were just about to crawl they were so frustrated. Objects were just within reach yet the effort seemed too much and a grizzle was so much easier. As the parent I noticed time and time again just before they reached a milestone they were horrid, then when the milestone was reached peace and harmony was restored. Such milestones included crawling, teething, talking and walking. Well my PhD is so similar. Today I had a win with an equation featuring the letter “e”. Binary logistic regression and probability for those statistically and mathematically inclined. My maths is not really at this level so it’s been a huge milestone to reach with much grumbling and cursing by me. Today I felt alive with happiness at reaching this huge milestone. I ran along the beach at lunch unable to wipe away my smile. My poor family might finally have a dancing happy Mum again. Who would think the letter “e” could bring such delight.  


Stitchin' time said...

Congratulations on working it out!
My eldest lives and breathes Physics and Maths but this is definitely not an inherited trait in my family as I was strained to understand any sums that included letters at school!

Vicki said...

Simple, intelligence over determination times perseverance equals success.
You've cracked it again Rowena!

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Ta Stich and Vicki. Plenty more frustrations to come. I was smiling all yesterday as the equation turned into a gorgeous graph that I consider useful info. Not useful for our household but useful for the fire managers.

count it all joy said...

I'm so happy for you! I'm in absolute awe of course - binary regression logic thingamie doodah??!! - very, very impressive Mama. No small thing at all. Meredy xo

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