My Family

Meet my family

The Hubby
Sol Buckman

Sol and I met in our undergraduate years at Sydney University. Sol and I married in 2000. The plan was he would finish his PhD before we got married. He did manage to finish during our first year of marriage. He now works as a Geology Lecturer at Wollongong University. Sol is an excellent supporter of my PhD efforts. He seems to think I'll finish the PhD one day. Glad he does...
Sol's uni web site

Sol graduating as a Dr in 2000

Kai (9 yr old)
Kai is my oldest child. Very patient and super lovely.

Liam (7 yr old)
The red headed second child. Liam thought erosion only occurs after fires. The warped view of life kids get from PhD studying parents.

Isaac (5 yr old)
The third child. I was pregnant with Isaac just four weeks after starting my PhD. He was very much planned and wanted. Isaac does not know life outside the PhD. In the photo he is getting ready for his fifth birthday "kballoon water fight" party.

Alex (our dog)
In one of the self help PhD books it says not to get a dog whilst doing a PhD. Alex is lovely support when I'm sitting at my desk all alone studying. He provides company. He's also a very much loved, important member of our family.

The Chooks
Five hens. They help balance out the male/female ratio at home. Also a great source of eggs.
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