Monday, January 30, 2012

Schools Back

Hip hip hooray. School went back today. Alex our dog was so happy to chase the school bus again. The kids enjoyed a morning of handball and I'm loving my free quiet day. Holidays were fabulous. Even the conference paper with a one month turn around was OK. Just maybe another chapter done on this never ending PhD journey. Fingers crossed this year is IT. Ok so today I have paused to absorb the peace and quiet. Hope you all had a lovely break.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Wow where did 2011 go? Roll on 2012. My plan this year is to live in the now. A bit less planning and a bit more enjoying today, this moment, right now. Truthfully it's not possible with my mind. I'm always dreaming up new plans...

So 2012 I'm gona

  •  Replant and weed the vege garden. I bought some seedlings this morning at the markets to get it rolling along.
  • Finish this PhD (hmmm I'm sure this is the third year I'm saying that)
  • Buy a camper trailer. Yes the plans keep rolling- Geodiversity project here we come
  • Improve my fitness via enjoying the outdoors. Its time to orienteer, mountain bike ride, climb, run, geocache
  • Bake bread (loving this one, we have been eating five seed bread, white bread, brioche, wholemeal bread)
  • Enjoy my three little monkeys -school on Monday ; )

Here's hoping you all enjoy the now in 2012

Run down garden in need of love
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