Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Location maps

I'm currently writing up the thesis introduction. Today I proudly made this location map of my study site. It'll get ripped apart by the supervisors shortly so here goes. Have a peak look before they do.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The outback adventure is closer...

We finally did it. Sol and I went to the camping show and put a deposit on a camper. We are now committed, all stations a go! Six months - family of five -  travelling around Oz promoting geodiversity, collecting rocks and distance educating our kids. Should be fun (famous last words). I found a  bargain doona cover at target today for $15. It's going to end up covered in red dust from the desert so there is no point buying anything fancy.  It's taken us years to decide on the perfect camping combination. We have gone from a motor home that tows a 4WD right down to a tent. Obviously finances destroyed any extravagent plans. We settled for a camper trailer with a queen sized bed and a kitchen. No room for the kids, they get to sleep in a tent most of the time. We tried to show the kids the latest set-up but they preferred to stay home and play minecraft. It's gonna be grand. One guy politely pointed out to me that I needed to get over the red dust issue, no point travelling if its going to bug me.  Easy solution, we take minimal stuff and replace it from time to time when the red dust has set. Ok yes- the PhD needs finishing before we go. Last week I wrote paragraph one of chapter one. That felt pretty good , until of course it comes back covered in red- red pen that is, not red dust.

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