Friday, August 12, 2011

Icing on the finger bun

I'm thinking of writing a book. All this blogging and PhD writing has actually made me enjoy writing. Originally I started blogging to improve my writing skills.  Back in school I found english shocking  until a tutor explained creative writing wasn't about being creative but rather about writing with fluent grammar and correct spelling. Word software has been wonderful at teaching me spelling and hinting that my grammar is all wrong. Luckily there are people called editors!

The book I'm dreaming up is inspired by the school canteen. Today I picked up 25 finger buns for the canteen. Oh so yummy looking with pink icing. Our committee spent a long time discussing where to buy the finger buns and what icing to have due to kids with allergies and intolerances. How could I not choose the title "the icing on the finger bun". I could cover many parenting themes of our generation. Topics such as  food additives, artifical colours, family juggling, time managment, getting ready for school, homework, after school sports, man flu, holidays, sick kids, exercise and the list goes on. One of my characters would be a vegetarian mum whose son only orders meat pies. Feel free to add some ideas for me. Of course I must finish the PhD first. The book would be a hobby when we travel around Oz looking at rocks.  Hmm three boys, hubby, dog and myself in a caravan for six months. Now that might be a more interesting story to write about ; )



Stitchin' time said...

"Icing on the finger Bun" sounds like a great idea as a 'handbook' for current and future parents. As a hayfever sufferer I find that some 'scents' associated with some foods trigger an attack with sneezing, runny eyes and sometimes a nasty headache. Macdonalds is a minefield for me so I don't go there! This could be a 'must have' book for some parents.
On the other hand a 'survival' book for caravan travelling with a family of boys, plus pet, could also be wonderful and hilarious. The geology slant would make it unique in it's own way.
The best thing is you could write both, eventually, and it's always nice to have options.

Vicki said...

Now why am I not surprised that you're thinking of becoming an author? Love the caravan idea especially if it's got little gems on geology for kids in it. You could visit the various school canteens on your travels? Get the low down, get some ideas for characters, interview the kids,hide behind the shed and take a photo, take a survey from the mums....I'm on a roll here...I think this could work! If anyone could do it it's you Rowena.

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