Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blood giving

Finishing this PhD is squeezing all the life and blood out of me. So what better way to review my latest manuscript than by sitting at the mobile blood bank located at uni and literally let them drain my blood. Last time I gave blood was pre children.  Hmmm that was a while ago.

I laughed when the lady suggested I took it easy on Friday and let some else cook my dinner after I had donated blood. I assured her I would. Little did she know I intended to ride my bike home, review my paper, cook dinner for the family, watch the school concert band, drive an hour to reach a meeting, discuss management stuff, eat dinner, drive home late at night and feel great. Well I did and it did feel great. For ages I've been watching those adds on the buses that show pictures of people that can't give blood. I no longer fit any of those categories, it was time to brave up and release the precious stuff. Feels great to just maybe help someone in need. Every year since having children I've caught the flu and various other winter illnesses. This year I have had nothing, not even a cold. Its great to be healthy. Fingers crossed it lasts. Go on, if you're feeling well go share your blood.


Vicki said...

I want to know how come you felt great after doing all that stuff! My goodness Rowena that was a jam packed day. You're a lady in her prime I would say or maybe it's the love of the PhD!
Go girl!


PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Hi Vicki
Actually I'm a woman past my prime. I've slowed down over the years to enjoy little things such as blogging, cooking and the chooks. Currently I have classical music playing, the dog asleep next to me and the eternal procrastination excuses for avoiding reviewing my latest PhD conference paper. As always thanks for your support. xo

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