About the PhD

Mount Bold Water Reservoir after the 2007 wildfire

My PhD is about

The effect of fire in the Mount Lofty Ranges,
South Australia.

A PhD is short for a Doctor of Philosophy.  In pursuit for the title of Dr I'm studying the topic of erosion post-fire at the School of Environment and Earth Science at the University of Adelaide. I'm a remote student based in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. I followed my hubby due to his career opportunties in 2007. Ideally I'd live in Adelaide for my studies but I make do and enjoy the NSW coast.

As part of my studies I am looking at sediment movement following paleofires, prescribed fires and wildfires in the Mount Lofty Ranges. Methods used include charcoal anaylsis, dating, erosion pins, visual assessment, sediment trapping, laser scanning, close range photogrammetry and modelling.

Eventually I hope to assist land managers in their decision on whether to burn in regards to erosion and to aid management of erosion post-wildfires. Why worry about erosion? one of the reasons is that eventually it can effect our water quality leaving it undrinkable. I have been lucky enough to present my work to numerous government agencies, at international conferences and in various publications. Check out the publication tab for more information.

My PhD has been funded via an Australian Postgraduate Award with project suppport from the Bushfire CRC and the Native Vegetation Council Research Grant
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