Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A day to celebrate. It was a chance to prance around the old Adelaide uni sandstone buildings wearing a silly hat and a fancy gown. I was surprised how important the day was. I choked back the tears as I walked down the hall to the stage where the other PhD graduates were to be seated. I saw my hubby, Mum and Dad all proudly sitting in the audience. My kids had been left behind in Wollongong which was part of the reason for choking back the tears. The other reason was I was finally at the end of a long journey that had involved lots and lots of hard work, fun, adventures and juggling. The final outcome - a new name Dr Morris - and new found freedom. So many friends, family and colleagues had traveled the journey with me. For this I am truly thankful.  


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Done and dusted

It was a fabulous day when the news arrived my PhD was passed unconditionally. This is a rare result where both external markers were happy with the thesis content. No corrections were required. I was dancing for joy. At the time we were travelling around Australia and I really don't know how I would of managed to make any changes. The kids, Sol and I were all delighted. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face all day long. We were mucking about and laughing when Sol took this photo. It really was rather appropriate as I was no longer to be a Miss or a Mrs, labelled by my gender. Finally I was to become a Dr. A true cousin IT with three happy kids and a hubby who had come on the PhD roller-coaster ride.

Our trip around Australia looking at rocks was an exceptional experience. We kept facebook upto date but found blogging a bit tricky when there was soooo much to see with limited internet access.


Australia is truly a wonderful place. Of course I was on the lookout for any post-fire erosion. This photo was taken just south of Exmouth. It looked very much like the result of a wildfire. Australia has sooo many differing termite mounds, a great way to see the differing colours of our soil. Many students take a trip when the thesis is submitted. I highly recommend travelling around Australia. It's a magnificient country and the travelling community are extremely friendly. It was a great way to finish the PhD adventure. Next month is graduation. Get ready for the silly hat photo ; )

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A new adventure has started in my life. With the PhD off to the land of marking I have left Wollongong to travel Australia for six months looking at rocks. Of course there are a couple of new blogs you can follow for this stage of life 

We all wiped away the tears as we said farewell to our dog Alex. Due to dogs not being welcomed in National Parks he just couldn't come too.  Luckily a lovely family is looking after our house, dog and life whilst we're away.

First night we stayed at Albury horse equestrian club. We know little about horses. 

The next day the kids learnt about real life minecraft by experiencing underground mines and gold panning in Bendigo. Schooling was a challenge today - we got there with giggles and amazing resources from Sydney Distance Education School.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Last Friday I printed the thesis for examination. To celebrate I headed off to Waterfall Gully to hike up Mount Lofty (8km return). My flight back to Sydney left that afternoon and I figured I had plenty of time. Well, I locked the keys in the boot of the car- whoops. Closing of the boot occurred in slow motion as I realised what I had done. Help took 1.5hrs to arrive with a spare key. I still managed to fit the walk in then flew home a free person. No more thesis to write or corrections to do (for a long while). I've many signatures to track down before I submit. Not long now ; )
Waterfall Gully at the base of Mount Lofty

Mount Lofty Lookout
Lofty Ranges

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