Friday, February 4, 2011

School for three

My little baby started school today. He'd watched his brothers for the past three years climb aboard the bus and finally it was his turn. I raced the bus to beat him to school so I could be there for the "first day".

First day of school for Isaac

It felt like it was a big milestone to finally have all three boys at school. I joked on facebook that I've retired. Now I might actually get five days a week to study.

But a milestone is worth a celebration, so celebrate we did. Lots of  lovely ladies came over for lunch suitably named "cheers and champers". They brought yummy salads to go with the mango, mayo BBQ chicken.

When I picked up my little man from school he cutely asked in the car on the way home
" will we still get Mummy Days"
Is this where I confess I held back my tears all day until at that point my eyes welled. I'll miss those little people tormenting me shopping and messing up the house. Luckily school holidays and weekends will ensure they can continue their gorgeous presence.


Dmarie said...

when our daughter had her first day of school (many, many moons ago), she wouldn't even let me walk her into the building. I went home and CLEANED all day, which is so unlike me but it relieved the stress. ha. thx for sharing & bringing back sweet memories!

Buttons said...

Hello I remember my daughters first day of school 25years ago I followed the bus. I was hoping she would not like it pre kindergarten she was barely 4, then she could stay home. She loved it. Funny now that I think back. She moved far away and is a very talented artist now. B

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