Sunday, January 23, 2011

North Era Bushwalk

Spent a lovely couple of days bushwalking with the hubby and kids. We decided to JFDI (Just F*&king Do it) AND GO. So I arrived home from Adelaide, Sol got back from Orange, we caught one nights sleep then headed off.  The kids amazed us walking 9k there and back with minimal complaint. Normally just walking from school to the car is problematic. The two older ones carried their sleeping bags and Sol and I lugged the rest. Catering was minimal with only two lollies and half a jar of honey returning home.

Campground at North Era

Of course I spent numerous hours checking out the track erosion, rainsplash and fuel loads wondering what a match would do to the flame height. Obviously I avoided temptation, no fires started near me in Royal National Park that day.

Great PhD news the scholarship will be extended for 6 months. This takes some of the deadline PhD worries away.

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