Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Valentine

I was inspired to Blog by my highschool best buddy "Count it all Joy". Under the disguise of Stylish Blog award she has asked that I share seven things about myself and then pass it on to three other bloggers.

With today being valentines day and my hubby being away I'm taking this chance to tell the world and him what I find romantic. Academic romance often involves long distances. Sol and I spent seven years ranging from a mere 5 hour drive apart to an intenational flight between Sydney and Hong Kong. Needless to say we married in 2000 and a little later Sol graduated as a rock Dr. Currently he is away looking at rocks in New Zealand.

Sols PhD graduation
On to the romance. Here are seven things I find romantic

1. A dozen red waratahs.
A dozen red roses would do, but I do so love Australian natives. Just don't go picking them from National Parks.

2. Camping out under the stars. 
One of my best nights involved camping on South Molle Island looking up at the stars.

3. Sharing a seafood platter for two
I love seafood. Combine that love with sharing and its a winner romantic  idea.

4. A home cooked meal.
Sol makes a great seafood paella

5. Sea- kayaking.
Sol and I went sea kayaking around the Whitsundays for our honeymoon. Soon we are celebrating our 11th anniversary by going sea kayaking around Sydney harbour (with no kids)

6.  Share a bottle of bubbles and Guylian Chocolates

7.  Ride a bike around the vineyards
You could combine 6 and 7 and really hit the jackpot!

So who to pass the award on to.

I'm not a great follower of blogs and have decided maybe I should try a bit more. Here are three great choices.

Down to Earth by Rhonda Jean. Full of so many practical bits of advice and simple joys in life. We could all learn a bit of sustainability from Rhonda

Sol Buckman this would be more of an encouragement award. Blogging would not be one of his priorities in a busy academic life with a firey red headed phd studying wife and three young boys. But maybe some romance tips could come back to me : )  Hmm what would be on his list. Watch cricket whilst doting wife delivers beer. Maybe not romantic, rather an unrealistic dream.

Academic Jungle I stumbled across this blog today when I realised how few academic mummy bloggers I follow.  I loved the line "there is no better way to de-stress from the academic rat race than by hugging and kissing giggly little creatures to your heart's content." I'm with you girl.

Happy Valentines all

ps here's another piece of trivia. I still don't know who sent a valentines card when I was about 17 saying
"happy  valentines day frog face"


Susie said...

Hi - thank you so much for your msg via Meredy - have looked above the door but can't see any names inscribed...! Do you know exactly where the house is your mum grew up in? We are about 8 miles from Devizes and about 4 from Trowbridge... if you think that sounds familiar, I will look harder! We do have other things in common though - my husband is a geologist and I'm currently studying for a B.Sc.....(hence the lack of posts lately)....Best wishes, Susie x

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Hi. I rang mum and quizzed her about the Mill House. It is a different one to yours. Mum lived in Hulcot near Salford in Bedfordshire. Oneday I'll get some pictures to show you.

Married to geologist hey and studying a BSc. Sounds fab.

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