Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Juggling Act

Here comes the juggling act, how to leave the kids for three nights and two days to attend the BAAT. Sol had a busy week with lecturing commitments and organising a geology field trip due to leave the day after I returned from Canberra. So it was time to call in the help. The oldies were busy, fair enough they have done they’re time raising kids. Normally they jump at the chance, but being overseas, interstate or teaching kept that option closed. Our gorgeous preschool luckily had a spare spot for Isaac on the Wed. Some other kid was escaping on a holiday I guess. Isaac didn’t mind the extra day as Matilda’s farm was coming for a visit. The boys scored play dates after school and Sol managed to finish early on Tues arvo. Sol juggles very well. Thank goodness for fellow Mummy friends. So all up it was fine. A hire car gave me the freedom to leave late on Mon night. Luckily the travel and accommodation was paid for. We operate with one car at home.

I always hate leaving Sol and the kids. But truthfully the escape lets me return revitalised. Ground-hog day is fine after a break. I snuck a quick look at Floriade before driving home. Such colour! I do wish one day my garden will bloom like that. Last year the preschool had a bulb drive and a few flowers snuck their way up out of the ground.

So on Thurs morning I said good bye to Sol as he left for the Orange geology field trip and settled back into mothering and studying at home.    

Image 029
The gorgeous tulips at Floriade 


Matildas’ Farm

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