Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beating self-sabotage

I’m approaching the end of the PhD but really it’s still a long way to go. To finish sounds great! I’m working hard on the self-sabotaging by finding reasons to avoid finishing. Amongst them include the kids, cooking, self-doubt, the chooks, the dog, the garden, playgroup, preschool, school and now a new hobby of blogging. Actually I’m hoping that blogging honesty might just lead me to the latest finish date of Nov 2011.

Latest useful reading
Kearns and Gardiner (2006) Defeating Self-Sabotage: Getting your PhD finished  

1 comment:

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

I'm still struggling with self sabotage. Seems to be part of the PhD game. I've dropped many distractions such as preschool and playground only to find new distractions. Today it's the rain. Go figure?

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