Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Burnt area assessment team

This time last week I was in Canberra attending a burnt area assessment team (BAAT) training. BAAT is all about assessing risk and potential rehabilitation strategies from fire impacts. The organisers from ACT Parks Convervation and Land and NSW DECCW invited a multi-disciplinary team consisting of experts in biodiversity, built assets, cultural assets, GIS, erosion and flooding.

The whole event was a buzz for me as the PhD topic I spend so much time researching was receiving the attention it really deserves. Great photos were shown of roads washed away and really sad looking turbid water dams cause by erosion post-fire. You may think me strange getting excited over such photos, but each to their own hey. All attendees, apart from me, were government employees. The invite came along as the previous week I had attended a conference in Darwin and ran into old work acquaintances. Life is a bit of who you know, but also what you know.

Media link Bushfire response team to assess habitat damage
ABC Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:25pm AEST


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