Thursday, May 3, 2012

Uni in the Brewery

We spent last night in the pub attending uni in the brewery. Nothing like beer, wine, chips and research. The topic was about

'Dilemmas of household sustainability'

Sol, the boys and I featured due to our time with the Illawarra Super Challenge. Uni studied our involvement to determine the role of gender and time in contributing to household sustainability. So here goes why is the PhD still not finished. This was a quote from back in 2009

"Every year you take on more and more, and then you're going 100 miles per hour. But if you stop and plant a seed and watch it grow and pull out a few weeds, it's really relaxing. And you start thinking it really doesn't matter if I don't finish that assignment...I've got something to eat"

So I've stopped planting seeds for now and started writing. Its time to finish this never ending PhD. Actually the deer keep eating the seeds I plant so for now I'm  buying the vegies from the local markets.

If you fancy a beer with some research check out uni in the brewery

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