Monday, April 2, 2012

Rollercoaster ride

Talk about a roller coaster ride.

I'm currently cleaning my emails trying to find the details for my mid-year review. Came across this email conversation with my friend on 22 March. I generally miss the grumpy bits on this blog cause I'm too busy being grumpy. Here goes, it's time to share

  • Friend
...! How are you?

  • My reply
I'm crap. Sitting here with a patch on my eye waiting to see the specialist cause I cut my eye on wire from the dress ups. My back is stuffed from hunching over the computer. Phd is good but with no eye and a useless back I'm having a cup of tea instead. Whoops U asked : ) also made Liam cry this morning cause I'm a crabby cow. How is u?

So the PhD life can be horrid. There are some simple solutions to the problems above. Be nice to kids even when I'm grumpy (hmmm I'm no saint and neither are they). Don't sit at the computer for too long. I'm now perched on one of those big ball chairs. It makes me sit straight rather than slump. Also the physio gave me some exercises for the back and a recommendation to get up every 15 minutes. I rely on an alarm for that one as I get too focused on my writing. As for the eye I was lucky. Just a superficial cut on the white of the eye ball. Shame I reacted to the eye drops but all is well. I still have my eye sight.

The roller coaster on friday reached high- I got the proofs back for the next publication and  I handed in draft Chapter 1 to the supervisers. Hopefully the coaster ride won't travel too far down when I get Ch 1 feedback.

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Stitchin' time said...

So glad your eye is ok. I was born with a "dickey" back so I try to remember to stand up and stretch when I've been doing something that involves a lot of sitting. My chiro said walking is the best thing for me....I should take his "prescription" more often I think :P!

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