Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have joined my crazy brother and turned into an activist. Nothing to the same level. He managed to end up on the front of the newspaper being thrown into a police wagon. My cause is much saner and so simple it is frustrating that there are still brick walls placed in the way of people trying to make a difference for our children. The cause I'm trying to promote is giving our kids the best start in life by understanding how food can affect their behaviour. When we were kids our parents laughed about red cordial. Today its no longer a laughing matter with so many kids high and grumpy on artificial colours, flavours and flavour enhancers. It's so simple to remove from their diet why is so little being done. There are claims the science doesn't exist. That's bullocks. Science is not the only evidence (this is coming from a science graduate studying a PhD in science). Ask a Mum with a food induced crazy kid and she will often know the underlying reason for the way out silly behaviour. Sooo I'm happy to have snuck flyers all over town, in the paper, at childcare centres in school newsletters. Everywhere I can find. Even if just one parent's life is improved by discovering that they can make it so much calmer then my activism had paid off. Meanwhile I'm dead excited Sue Dengate is coming to Keiraville Public School on 28 May 7pm. For more info check out her website. She is presenting all around Australia.


Kat said...

We have been following the failsafe diet for 5 years now with our oldest child and my Husband and the difference has been amazing!
The other 4 of us can eat salicylates and amines, but do not eat preservatives and colours, additives etc.
It really is an eye opener!
A great cause to promote :)

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Hi Kat
It is a great cause. Thanks for commenting. So glad it's helped your family. Changed our lives.

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