Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday morning

I love a friday morning, even in the rain. Alex (the dog) and I head off to the beach for a morning walk. Alex has been part of our family for over a year now. We collected him from the pound when he was just over one in age. His first visit to the beach was an experience. The sand was strange to him and the sea was scary. Obviously he had not been taken to the beach before. Now he runs like mad, chasing the sea gulls in eternal hope he may catch one. So far the sea gulls are winning and Alex is staying fit. We had the beach entirely to ourselves today. The sea was wild and the rain mild. Beach dune erosion was making those great walls that kids adore jumping off.

Friday morning is market morning at home. I go each week to buy our vegies off the local growers. I love knowing where our food comes from and who grew it. The farmers share stories about their farm such as the green houses being destroyed in the recent winds and the trick of actually feeding the vegies nutrients to make them so superb. My home grown vegies never look as good as theirs.

I walk back into the home at 8am all relaxed having seen the sea, chatted to the food providers and breathed fresh air only to be greeted by the school morning crazies. It took no time to start bellowing stop fighting over the footy cards or I'm throwing them in the bin!, have you brushed your teeth, go make your bed, where is your homework folder... Then the bus arrives, it takes the little monkeys away then its just Alex and I. Alex sits by my side as I try to muster up the motivation to sit at this computer and work on the PhD. Luckily the house is such a mess from the morning chaos I give my self an hour to feed the chooks, have brekky, clean the kitchen, pop on the clothes washing, bring in a load, have a tea and check the emails/facebook/blogs.

Alex is now fast asleep, its time to study, no more procrastination excuses (except maybe hang the washing on the line).

On My Mind: A Friday home photo initiative of Down To Earth.  Check it out.


count it all joy said...

It all sounds heavenly Ro. Even the morning your home it would have it's own humour and warmth I'm sure:) Was so lovely spending time together last week. Why don't we live closer!!! Oh well, in the meantime, I'll have lovely thoughts of you walking with Alex on a blustery beach day, buying vegies at the markets. Meredy xo

Tania @ Out Back said...

Sounds like a lovely place to walk Ro, even if the weather is not so nice. I wonder what Alex would do if he caught one of those seagulls, probably freeze with shock lol!

Sadly we dont have any farmers markets here, so we have to grow our own or buy from Woollies or Coles.

I dont miss that school morning chaos, but I do remember it well!

Jake said...

Thanks for dropping by!!
Still hot here but not as crazy as yesterday!!
Walking the beach first thing in the morning would be lovely!

Becky said...

A morning walk on the beach sounds so wonderful!

Evi said...

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. It's nice to 'meet' you. There's certainly many more Aussie bloggers out there than I had thought and its lovely to connect with other mamas "doing the stuff" that mamas all over do!!
I'm off to have a little poke around in your space ;o)

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