Monday, July 18, 2011

New Dress

Retail therapy has been a theme this holiday. I escaped to the camping shop one afternoon to purchase hiking boots, a new backpack and a polar fleece. My sister in-law enjoyed pointing out my warped view on retail therapy compared to lipsticks, handbags or jewellery. My boots were at the end of their life. Last time my boots died was during field work in Adelaide tramping up and down the burnt loose slopes. I'm missing the field work component of study. Conferences are bringing on a new dimension to shopping requirements.  Its not OK to attend a conference in ugg boots and an old sloppy jo. Actually the annual fire conference has been a great incentive to actually buy some new clothes. The last conference was with a bunch of geographers. Slightly simpler dress requirements. Sandals with socks were fine ; )

Its the last day of school holidays today so I need to find a new procrastination excuse. Actually the scholarship funding runs out in a week, I'm really fed up with the whole PhD so hopefully this will encourage me to get a MOVE ALONG! and finish. A great job came up a few weeks ago. I weighed up the choice between balancing work family versus the cram as much into life as possible approach. I decided for a blend of the two. I did not apply for the job. So many PhD advice books suggest not starting a new  job until the PhD is finished.  So back to the old mantra
Family, self-care, thesis, friends


Stitchin' time said...

Nice Dress!
You sound like me as I go round the farm in a flannelette shirt, jeans and riding boots and have been know to wear these to town shopping if I don't have any appointments. I'm a dag, but I'm comfortable :).
*IF* you sew, and ever have time to do so, have a look at this for a go anywhere, anytime summer dress
I've found it recently and my 12yr old daughter wants me to make her one but in blue!

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Hi Robyn
That summer dress looks impressive. I do sew, might change the colour from red though. Red clashes with red hair. Also must finish the PhD...

I found these dress designs at a recent craft show. Absolutely gorgeous.

Vicki said...

Hi Rowena,

Nice dress, blue is my favourite colour as I used to have auburn hair,now it's a lovely loreal shade of brownish something! A week until scholarship runs out? Do you have to get it in quickly? This PhD will eventually be finished and then what will you do with yourself!You'll miss it!

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Hi Vicki
Luckily I don't have to hand the PhD in for a while. There is still a lot of work to do. The scholarship running out means there is no more money. Luckily the kids are all in school so there are no childcare costs now. Hubby is supportive, I'm not expensive to keep.

When I finish, we're hopefully going travelling around Australia promoting Geodiversity. Started a new blog working on this idea.
Also thinking about writing a novel, playing the piano, writing some scientific papers, educating homes about bushfires and most likely cleaning the house. So many unexplored options...

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