Thursday, April 14, 2011

To DS or Not

A peaceful car journey was completed yesterday from Port Macquarie all the way home. I’d like to say its cause my kids are awesome at travelling but that’s just lying. The truth! It’s the DS, DSi, IPod and IPhones that bought the peace. When they first came out we thought they were just another unnecessary electric gadget. Now I accept they are an essential part of the next generation. We had a gadget break and the whole car turned into an imaginary game involving a toy bat, a plastic red back spider and five super hero figurines. There was larva and various weapons but no hurling insults at the drivers for making a boring car journey. The DS inspired the kids imagination, there was no brain dead robots from playing these vivid computer games.

The DS gave us the freedom to take the boys away on a geology field trip looking at rocks. We swam at the beach, hunted for sea creatures, climbed rocks, explored National Parks, watched a movie and spent time together. Rather than being the Mum stuck at home awaiting for my hubby to return from his uni field work we went along. Overall the DS made our adventure peaceful and possible with minimal

“are we there yet” 

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Vicki said...

What a fun time for the kiddies, well done there! Life must be a real drag to be a child in the back of a car on a long trip, I'm embarking very soon from the Gold Coast to Ulladulla, lucky for me the girls are 14 and 16 and we have DVD's on the backs of the front seats, they have their computers, they read lots of books and one even does origami. We have our fav stops, eg, Cassograin Winery for the best coffee and running around in their green space and the little park at Ulmarra which has some nice nic-nac shops and a second hand book shop. I also resisted technology for a while but it's the way forward, it's just a balance that has to be worked out and I think Rowena you've got it wrapped up!

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