Friday, November 19, 2010

Sling shot inventions

I peeped out the front door to see what all the laughter was at 8:25am yesterday. The boys had created a dog-tug-o-war using ochie straps, tyre tubes, ropes, a stick and the front gate. Luckily they warned Isaac to stand back before they set off the sling-shot. Hmmm better to not look really. So I kept making lunches then peeked again. This time the sling-shot device had been converted to a pulley system to haul the metal scooter up the basketball ring. Such team work, impressive knots and simple science. Our tally of no broken bones or stitches somehow stayed intact. Two boys caught the school bus and Isaac made it to preschool.

I struggled with study procrastination yesterday. My mate from CSIRO suggested productive procrastination where you avoid what you don’t want to do and work on fun stuff. It worked a treat. I checked out erosion photos for my paper which really brought the whole enthusiasm back. The full day of study was stolen by school transition for Isaac. It got me thinking about converting to full-time study next year. Isaac reckons he’s catching the school bus on his first day of school next year. The third child is so independent, or does that really mean stubborn ; )   Stubbornness, the key to finishing this PhD.

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