Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Green Challenge

For those who knew Sol and I as kids we have always been green. We even studied environmental geography at uni. But truthfully along came our own kids and we got lazy. It's so much easier to open up a packet than to walk into the vege garden and pick some lovely fresh vegetable,  or is it easier...

Just over two years ago we joined the Illawarra Sustainable Challenge committing to

1) Producing our own food
2) Educating our kids and the neighbourhood
3) Creating a wonderful backyard habitat for natives 

Over the next week I'll blog about how we went in the one year challenge and beyond

Back in 2008 in the challenge application I wrote
"The garden needs conversion to natives and the creation of an edible patch without the deer and local wildlife taking over. We recently tried raising chickens for compost and eggs but all six disappeared over the weekend. Our chook pen needs better fencing. We have just one car, walk to work and the kids catch the bus to school. We generally use the push mower to maintain our lawns."

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