Sunday, November 7, 2010

MS Sydney to the Gong

She is someone's MUM
She is someone's WIFE
She is someone's SISTER
She is someone's Friend
She has MS
Three times as many women have MS
The average age of diagnosis is 30
There is no known cause or cure

Last night lying in bed wondering if my legs would peddle over 90km to finish the MS bike ride I read about MS and discovered the above information.

As a kid I read for the MS read-a-thon. My own kids have participated in MS read-a-thon. No one I know has MS so I've really never though much about the actual condition.

Last night I thought about
I am someone's MUM
I am someone's WIFE
I am someone's SISTER
I am someone's Friend

I am woman and I'm in my 30's

This thought process made me connect a bit more with the disease.  I'm glad to help in a little way by riding. I wished I raised more money, where is that money tree when you need it. If you have some spare cash send it their way

Today I have sore legs, a bit of sunburn and some great memories. The ride is worth the effort and fun.

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