Monday, September 17, 2012

Aims or objectives or hypothesis or goal or enlightenment= 42

The answer is 42. If only we knew the question. Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is a classic book that seems to answer why a PhD thesis is so difficult. If we know the answer then we need to know the question. Neither is easy to define. Today I have put the entire day aside to make my thesis aims and objectives clear.

Studying across three differing universities makes the "simple" (lol) task of writing my aims seem impossible. Everyone has differing views and styles. Hmmmm which one is correct? Well that is the beauty of it, clearly if no one agrees then there is not a black and white answer. The main thing is to make them clear so the reader can work out what you are attempting to do and so the discussion can link nicely back into them.  I'd be fascinated to hear if any student used the same aims/objectives in their final thesis as they did in their proposal. Your ideas are refined during your candidature and it's unlikely they are the same at the end as when you started. If they were the same as your proposal was the journey really worth it? Did you learn on the way?

So in order to better work out the ideal "aim" I've been procrastinating by searching the web. Here are some interesting sites I found- just to fuel your own procrastination. If you know some good sites for thesis writing - especially  aims -please leave a comment.

How to write a PhD thesis


What is a Thesis Statement?

How to Write a Thesis: 


Marias Diploma and Ph.D Thesis writing suggestions


Writing a thesis proposal


10 easy ways to fail a Ph.D.

Aims, Objectives and Guidelines for PhD Students

Planning a PhD: Getting Your Research aim/question Right

With this small selection of web-sites and numerous completed PhD thesis to guide me I'm a step closer to knowing the question, but then again maybe my answer isn't 42.


Niki said...

How do you study & run around after 3 boys-Amazing. Hats off to you girl. Love your blog, thanks for visiting me. How is MB going?
Love Niki

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Hi Nicki
Clearly I don't manage to study and run around after 3 boys. I try but time is winning. I'm loving MB and very much in need of MB as alas the health side of life often suffers when juggling too much. I love a wine and the weight gain with wine is not OK. So this morning I was at pump at 6:15 pretending to be like the sleak fit people that seem to manage to drag themselves along at that crazy hour in the morning. Loving your MB blog updates- keepem coming.

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