Friday, July 13, 2012


I’ve been asked to review a paper in what I regard as a decent international journal. I’m rather delighted with this request. I’m not delighted about doing more work when I really should be finishing this PhD.  I’m delighted because someone thinks I can contribute to science. The peer review system is a strange way academics keep the world honest. Only those papers that are worthy of publication are meant to get through. I guess the best way to understand the process is to get involved. This will be my second review. Luckily there will be another reviewer so it’s not just my opinion that counts. I am new to the game of academic review.

On a more social side our family went away on holidays for an extended weekend. I took this photo and enhanced the image using high dynamic range (HDR).  It seems like a dream destination with a slightly abstract reality to it. It’s bit like entering the science world. Reviewing papers has this strange reward of finding out about the latest research before the rest of the world does. Almost reality - but not - as the other reviewer or myself just might see the dark side and reject the whole paper. A beautiful work of art that someone has spent hours designing and researching left to the control of a few individuals and the journal editor to decide if it becomes a reality.


Robyn said...

Still enjoying following your journey and delighted you have the chance to review papers. It would be a big responsibility to have a decision in someone's future like this but the way you write your blog I'm sure you would make constructive criticism,if necessary,that would be appreciated. Love the bear and scenery photos.

PhD Journey: fire, kids, erosion said...

Hi Robyn
Glad you're enjoying the journey. I keep writing so I remember some of the stages. 7.5 yrs is a long time to stick at one project. Getting closer to the finish line. You'll love the next project- travelling around Oz.

Robyn said...

Lol, eldest DD has just started Uni again 18 months after completing a Bach Sc. She's training to become a teacher - a science one, of course. Good things come to those who work at it and are persistent.
I love seeing places through others eyes - gives me a new perception on
the view!

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