Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Program download

My brain has been downloading. I'm trying to learn the statistic R program. I'm feeling rather like Trinity looked in the matrix when she downloaded how to fly a helicopter. I'm referring to the mental appearance- not the physical. Need to work on that side. How I wish it was as easy as the matrix. I'm up to computer program number 6 to learn in the interest of obtaining this PhD. 

I'm using http://www.twotorials.com/  to quickly learn R using quick tutorials. It's working. The strange computer language thrown my way by a fabulous friend last week is starting to make sense. R is an amazing program. The two minute tutorial author Anthony Joseph Damico makes me laugh whilst learning computer programming and statistics. He goes so quick there is no time to be bored. The great thing about a screen cast is I can rewind when I get lost. Trust me - I get lost when applying the stuff time and time again.

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