Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why do a PhD?

So many times I ask myself WHY? Actually it seems to be increasing the closer I get towards the end of this thesis. Last weekend helped answer that niggling why question.

"Life after the PhD"  

I can see a purpose. There is an emerging field of study that needs attention. Its not really emerging, it's just finally getting the attention it deserves. Geodiversity. I have another blog all about discovering geodiversity
Check it out 

The other niggling Why? is related to career progression. Whenever I get the chance I politely ask (interrogate) mothers who have grown up kids. Rarely do I find anyone who can raise children, stay married, have a worthwhile career (especially in academia) and stay sane. Hmmmm the more I ask the more I get inspired by stories of passion. So many women have openly admitted the failures. At the same time I can see the twinkle in their eye implying that they have managed to do some things on their wish list. It's becoming clearer and clearer that we can't have it all at once, somethings are going to suffer but if we plod along at a part-time rate we can raise a happy well adjusted family, enjoy our lifelong lovely partners and even contribute to the world of science (or whatever world it is that you desire).  It was lovely to meet respected women who with the aid of a PhD were listened to at meetings and regarded as having something worthwhile to say. You don't need a PhD to be respected but when it comes to a scientific debate it really does help.


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