Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing retreat at Lord Howe Island

What better way to enjoy a PhD than to turn it into a holiday. If you are writing up your thesis I strongly recommend a writing retreat. The final write up stage is a hard slog that can be so easily enjoyed in beautiful settings. Removing all extraneous workloads such as cleaning, cooking and kid wrangling frees the mind for flowing words and  thoughtful ideas.

Last week Mum and I went away in style to Pinetrees at Lord Howe Island. The food was divine and tranquillity amazing. Most mornings I rode the island then settled down to write. A couple of days were devoted to island exploring by walking snorkeling and kayaking. The food was all catered so I could spend my time writing, fixing equations and walking. Lord Howe is a spectacular World Heritage destination. The scenery is dramatic with subtropical forests, rare flora and fauna, gorgeous beaches and curious marine life. So beautiful!

Mobile phones don't work at Lord Howe and internet access is tricky. Makes an amazing stop to e-procrastination of email, twittering, facebook and blogging. The word count is rising, just maybe one day this never ending PhD thesis will be finished ; )


Stitchin' time said...

All that space and sea air must be good for the 'little grey cells'.

Vicki said...

Hi Robina,
Just caught up with you, I've been away and busy with girls graduation. Lord Howe looks like the answer to the problem! What a great idea, you've got it all there, exercise, catering, gorgeous views and peace and quiet.
Have fun!

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