Monday, September 5, 2011

Slow cook chook

I am starving. In an attempt to be organised and not waste food I popped on a slow cook chicken curry this morning so I can focus on my study all day long. It’s killing me. I’m sitting at my desk attempting to work on non-parametric correlations with the beautiful aroma of curry wafting around. Eating an apple to satisfy the hunger just does not do it. My only option is to escape home. Maybe I’ll go into the uni gym for a lunch break then reside at the library until quitting time. Dinner is going to be sooooo good!

Try this dinner out. Tip in a tin of diced tomatoes, add ¼ cup of madras curry paste, 1 cup of chicken stock, 1 diced onion. Give it a quick stir. Hack apart a chook or buy chicken pieces, throw them in the slow cooker, neglect for the day then come home to a superb smell and an awesome dinner. I cook it on low for how ever long the day takes (eg 10hrs). Less time is fine if you have the pleasure of sleeping in each morning. Throw some freshly chopped coriander over the meal when you serve it with rice.  Enjoy!   

ps Chook is Aussie for Chicken

1 comment:

EllieB said...

Looks yummy - even better, so simple and you don't have to monitor it all day.

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