Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bears and roots

Made it to Canada. Freedom of no kids or hubby is amazing. I'd rather have them here too but that's way too much on a student income of nothing due to the never ending status of the PhD. I discovered a few Canadian things today. Stay to the right whilst walking or potentially run into everyone, cars actually stop for pedestrians so don't stand on the roadside and piss off the drivers, the city of Calgary has internal walkways across the roads, in the morning everyone walks around with  huge disposable cups of coffee, Canadian kids at the zoo are just as gorgeous as all kids around the world, don't wait for darkness before dinner as you'll be starving at 10pm, appetisers are the main meal AND you can buy wine in 6 or 10 oz glasses.

Bit scared of the bears in Canada. This one was in the zoo at Calgary

Not scared on the local talent. Just love the shop name- seriously with this picture on the front

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