Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grant writing

Another great way to prevent finishing my PhD is by grant writing. This has kept me occupied the last couple of weeks. A few late nights (we're talking 1am finish with a 6am rise). Talk about a zombie brain walking with minimal intelligence the next day. I need my sleep. I'm so hoping to snag this one, it's a big project with ambitious goals. Fingers crossed!

For those not in academia, grant writing is a bit like bread and butter to us. Often the main funding comes from grants. We rely on handouts generally from the state or commonwealth government. It's a wonderful skill to share with life outside of uni. My proudest grants would be obtaining toys for playgroup or the BBQ and gardening tools for preschool. Who would guess the two worlds blend so well together. Canteen has helped my PhD due to the need to learn publisher in order to layout the school canteen menu. I've since used the software to create images for my publications. Sweet hey!

So no more excuses tomorrow. Back to writing chapter one (and baking banana bread for the school canteen).

None of these loaves were cooked by me. I'd be proud if they looked like these.


Anonymous said...

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Stitchin' time said...

Grant writing is a definite required skill nowadays and it sounds like you're putting it to good use and it's also generating other benefits for you :). Don't worry about how your baking looks - kids don't care as long as it tastes good and any critics are usually ones who don't contribute anyway, so they don't count!

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