Saturday, October 8, 2011

Three boys and a few holidays

I have found the ideal holiday location for three boys. My suspicion has been confirmed. People moving cars(eg Kia carnival) keep arriving with a car load of kids. Walking round this place are smiling families with three boys in tow. You know the parents (especially the mother ) looks happy not exhausted. What is the secret?

  • A heated pool to dissipate all their energy
  • A beach nearby to once again dissipate their energy
  • A street of simple two or three bedroom houses
  • Two huge TVs
  • Wifi access so the kids can plug into their favourite games
  • A huge driveway for skate board riding
  • A BBQ next to the pool so hubby can help cook
  • No regular cleaner so it really doesn't matter if you can't walk into the kids room due to the mess
  • Two bathrooms so you don't have to to dodge the inevitable missed toilet mess
  • A self contained kitchen. This is a blessing as there is no need to be embarrassed when the kids destroy any nearby restaurant. Three boys are never great at sitting still at a restaurant. This self contained kitchen results in a self contained family dinner where the boys can eat, be silly, move and laugh. I love it!

In contrast we went to Bondi earlier in the holiday. We had a free night in a 4.5 star hotel that needed using up. So I took the boys. Sol was away with uni students looking at rocks. It didn't help that it rained so much we were mostly stuck  indoor. It also didn't help that one kid had a sore toe so was not up to walking far. We ate out resulting in an expensive trip with the usual crazy behaviour caused by my middle boys reaction to certain foods. The beds in small contained rooms turn into trampolines. The squeals of delight were most likely heard all over the whole fourth floor. So the 4.5 star hotel gets the thumbs down.

We also went on the family holiday with the cousins. Bliss! Kids love kids especially kids they grow up with. I even need to confess I loved hanging out with my big brother. He knows how to laugh and have fun.

So the Phd has not been done this holiday. My brother nicely pointed out (like all brothers do) the true reason my PhD  is not finished. Procrastination. I'd like to call it mothering. At least I'm enjoying life.


Stitchin' time said...

Sounds like you found the great holiday destination for the *whole* family. Well, as you can't procrastinate on the boys growing up -enjoy the mothering. Lol, the PhD can wait a bit.

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