Thursday, June 16, 2011

Household Chores

Our 9 year old announced last night he wants to do more chores to earn more money. Wouldn't we all like more money hey! He has his eye on a 3D DS game console. Hmmm extravagent purchase really.  So of course I came up with all these useful things he could do to help. The decision was left in the air as they all sounded like too much work.

We chatted about it again this morning when my hubby got involved and nicely pointed out it would be good if Kai did something to help Mum around the home.  So I politely pointed out it is not "my house" it is our home and everyone should be contributing. We had a laugh, easier than fighting, and then tongue in check Sol suggested for Kai to help Dad out in the garden. Kai nicely replied "but Mum does the gardening too". Hmmm I think its time to rethink the domestic situation.

The boys get pocket money of $2 a week. This comes under the deal they unpack the dishwasher, make their beds, put their PJs away.  So of course this morning the PJs were all over the floor, beds not made and bionicles spread everywhere. Maybe its time to enforce the reason behind pocket money before we look at a pay rise.

It's time for a family meeting to discuss household chores. How do your families work it out? Is it a state of war or do you manage to negotiate it? Is someone the household dictator or does everyone notice and contribute to what needs to be done?

I find every six months the issue of who does the household chores in our home needs revisiting. 


Stitchin' time said...

I was a single parent for 8 years and the two eldest had their daily routine before and after school and Saturday morning was usually major job time. Then I met my current partner and even though the eldest children mostly continued the routine they'd been taught at a younger age the youngest child pretty much does what she wants as Dad doesn't support me! So my solution to this when (now) pre-teen chucks a hissy fit is to remind her it's not my room and it's not my stuff so she'll just have to deal with it. I also have 'strike' days when I become tired of being the cook, dishwasher, housecleaner as I feel like I'm talking to a post if I ask DH to help out. If he wants dishes washed, something cleaned he can do it himself. He was raised with women doing all the work around the house so sometimes the only solution is tuff love - do it yourself or do without!

Vicki said...

Hi Rowena,

I have this one nailed! After 5 children and living in lots of differant houses the trick is to have a specific spot for every single thing and to raise them putting away their toys etc from a very young age. As far as household chores go...I think girls are better at pitching in than boys (from my experience) Before you all go out or to school that's the time to get everyone onto a job, times limited and you can make it fun by being silly running around with a broom or whatever. I never gave out pocket money, now the 2 left at home have little part time jobs and they will not spend a cent, although they buy hand cream and lip gloss, the rest is making interest!
Comfort yourself with the fact that when they leave home and it's a sparkling, shinning place you'll miss them to bits.

Ro Morris said...

Thanks ladies. I routinely hear 'teach them young to pick up'. I think I've been too soft. Time for some tough love hey! I will miss the kids when they fly the coup. Please keep reminding me of that ; )

Dmarie said...

went through this with our DD years ago. some thing never change!! ;)

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