Saturday, May 7, 2011

Emma Jane

Emma Jane wrote a very relevant article in The Australian today.

I love the quote

"Endless postponements of study in lieu of tea preparation and house cleaning"

I so agree

The article is called

Giving birth or delivering a doctorate, they're both labours of love

The agony, ecstasy, exhaustion and exhilaration of making babies or studying for a PhD.

Here is a link to it. Have read!

Love it

She also has a web page at

My favourite tea mug for procrastinating

1 comment:

count it all joy said...

Can you get an epidural for delivering a thesis? Hope you're having a fab Mother's Day and doing as much guilt-free procrastinating as possible! Meredy xo
p.s. I adore that Juanita Phillips book...I went out and bought a pressure cooker because of it and it certainly has saved my life in the culinary sense many times since.

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