Thursday, December 9, 2010

School Shoe Quest

Is there any family on this earth that doesn't battle with school shoes? We have a place for the school shoes but they don't seem to make it there. The usual morning ritual includes a gentle request "have you got your shoes" . Of course lego or anything else is more important so once again in a louder irritated tone
"have you got your shoes".
Then magic Mum seems to know where they are (under the lounge chair, near their bed, under the trampoline, outside eaten by the dog, in the car etc). Well today I decided to try another version to beat the battle. It was hot/cold shoes. We played hotter and colder depending on if they were getting closer to the shoe location. Now they are sure to hide their shoes just to keep the game going. It beats yelling and maybe just maybe the brain might reprogram so they too know the mystery morning shoe whereabouts. Don't hold your breath ; )
Only one week to go then these are condemned

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